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What Separates Texas Fence From Other Houston Fence Companies?

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Texas Fence has been installing fences in the Houston area since 2003 and setting new standards of excellence every year for customers. The company’s motto, “Branded with Excellence,” speaks to the high standards that separate Texas Fence from other Houston fence companies.   

Company History

Texas Fence began in the humblest of ways and is truly an American success story. In 2003, this family-owned business started with few resources, beginning life in a home-based office and a rented storage unit. Those early years demanded long hours and hard work, but the company’s founders never lost sight of their clear vision of what the company should be. This vision has not changed throughout the past ten years: Texas Fence wants to provide the highest quality, the friendliest service and the best value among all Houston fence companies.

Today, Texas Fence is a multi-million dollar business with a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. The company has attained its dream of becoming the most professional fence company in the Houston area, providing quality products and great service to hundreds of customers every year.   

How Does Texas Fence Make a Difference?

Texas Fence provides quality fencing services to its customers by paying attention to details. The professionals at Texas Fence know that little things make a big difference when installing a fence that will last for years and give homeowners every satisfaction including safety, beauty and durability.

Texas Fence provides the best fencing service and products possible for customers. Below are a few facts about Texas Fence that are the reason this company stands out from the rest:  

Quality Components Make Good Fences

Texas Fence uses only quality products in its fences, including hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails, top-grade paint and stain, treated cedar and pine, and powder-coated and pre-galvanized metals.

Texas Fence Stands Behind its Work

Texas Fence offers a one-year workmanship warranty for all installations. The quality products used in fencing also have their own material warranties that vary according to manufacturer.   

Service is Everything

Texas Fence makes it easy for homeowners to install fencing in any area, including shared property lines. If neighbors agree to put up a fence together, Texas Fence will handle all the billing and collection from each property owner to ensure that everyone pays fairly.  

Beauty Is the Final Objective

Of course, homeowners want sturdy, reliable fences but they also want fences that add curb appeal to their homes. Texas Fence professionals work with homeowners to design fences that are not only durable and sturdy but look great. Texas Fence employees have access to dozens of materials and products that allow homeowners to choose a fence option that speaks to their individual taste and results in a fantastic finished product. Texas Fence also offers power-washing, painting and repair on existing fences to give homeowners even more options.

Houston homeowners have turned to Texas Fence for a decade for all their fencing needs, knowing that this company pays attention to the details that make up great products and great service. Texas Fence is Houston’s premiere fencing company because they offer quality, professional service and lasting products of beauty.

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If you are looking for a Houston fence company that provides Residential Fencing, Commercial Fencing, Access Control and focuses on superior customer service, look no further than Texas Fence

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If you are looking for a Houston fence company that provides residential or commercial fencing and focuses on superior customer service, look no further than Texas Fence

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