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New Year, New Commercial Fence

How to plan ahead for a fence that fits your company’s needs and budget.

Whether you’re ending the year with a surplus, or starting a new yearly budget come January, now is the time to square away those big business projects and finalize your annual budget. Between new equipment, marketing, and building renovations, you can only fit so many items on your budgeting list.

But a new fence is an investment worth making. A new fence for your business provides privacy to keep your employees focused, and security to deter criminals.

Before you call around for estimates, think about what your business needs from a fence, and by extension, from a fence company. Decide what needs are most important for your business and get to know the reputation of the fence companies in your area; it’s important to work with someone who helps you and communicates with you at every step in the process.

While budgeting for a new fence, consider two key questions:

1.) Which Fence Is Right For My Business?

If your company needs a new fence next year, it’s beneficial to start planning before the holidays. Give yourself time to do your research, schedule management meetings, and determine what you want your new fence to achieve.

If privacy is your main concern, consider the height and material of the fence. You need a fence tall enough to cover what’s behind it. Chain link and iron fences have gaps that allow passersby to see in, but can be covered with privacy slats or windscreens for more privacy. Also, consider a wood or HardiPlank fence for your privacy needs. They look great and keep your privacy intact.

If you need enhanced security for your property, use the strongest material available. A common misconception is that the taller the fence, the more secure it is, so a lot of customers who want a fence for security purposes ask for a tall chain link fence topped with barbed wire. But those looking to get past your chain link fence won’t try to climb over; they’ll simply use wire cutters and snip through a chain link fence. The better option for security is an iron fence that’s difficult- if not impossible- for bolt cutters to break.

No matter what type of fence you choose, make sure to think about any ongoing maintenance costs associated with your fence materials. Find out how often your fence needs to be stained or treated, and how much that work costs to avoid unexpected and unbudgeted maintenance costs.

2) How Do I Choose A Fence Company?

One of the major challenges businesses face when choosing the right fence is sticking to their budget without compromising quality. The last things any business owner wants are surprise costs and a project that drags out longer than it should. The best fence companies to work with are the ones who are honest and upfront from the sales process through the final inspection, from start to finish.

Choose a fence company with refined project management skills that communicates with you every step of the way. Fence companies with extensive project management experience are more likely to give you an accurate estimate up front. And because unforeseen challenges can occur in the fence building process, it’s always best to go with a company that quickly addresses any hiccups and communicates with you and works quickly to find the best solution. Look for a fence company that establishes an open dialogue and keeps you up to date with any updates or changes over the course of the project. View your new fence as a partnership between your business and the vendor you choose to build it.

Texas Fence has built commercial fences for businesses, schools, parks, community development’s, storage facilities, and warehouses. With communication and thorough planning, we can turn your vision for a new fence into a reality. We’ve even built custom chain link panels for a high school theater production. Our years of experience and relationships with our vendors allow us to find the perfect fence for your budget and needs.


If you already have a vision for your new fence in mind, start a conversation with us by calling (281) 807-7900 or by getting your free online estimate.

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