How To Stain Your Wood Fence for Best Results

Protect Your Investment with the Best Stain for Fence: Wood Defender® Stain & Sealant Stain Your Wood Fence 6 ft Cap Top Fence Your fence is an investment worth protecting. It shades your yard, keeps your pets and children safe, and gives you and your family privacy when

Texas Fence Buyers Guide – Commercial Chain Link Fences

Texas Fence Buyers Guide Chain link fences may not be the most beautiful fences in the world, but they are a cost-effective way to fence large areas of land. From the fields and backstops of baseball games to the boundaries of parks and playgrounds, images of chain link

Texas Fence Buyers Guide – Iron Fences

Buyers Guide - Iron Fences Iron fences’ clean lines and stark black color have made them a popular choice for modern-day golf courses, pools, and homes in historic districts or near natural settings such as lakes, forests, and serene landscapes. However, the history of iron fences dates back

New Year, New Commercial Fence

How to plan ahead for a fence that fits your company’s needs and budget. Whether you're ending the year with a surplus, or starting a new yearly budget come January, now is the time to square away those big business projects and finalize your annual budget. Between new

Who Owns The Fence Between Two Houses in Texas?

Who Owns The Fence Your Guide To Sharing a Fence One of the most frequently asked questions we get from homeowners who want to buy a new fence that borders their neighbor’s property is, “Which side of the fence do I own?”. Understandably, those who are about to

Happy Thanksgiving from Texas Fence

Looking Back on all We Have to be Grateful for in 2016 2016 has been a year of financial and personal growth for Texas Fence. We grew as a company,  re-branded, received awards and recognition, had the pleasure of meeting the orphans we help on behalf of Coreluv,

Loving Our Global Neighbors

Texas Fence’s Trip to Haiti with CoreLuv CoreLuv is a nonprofit organization that builds orphanages and creates community outreach and medical programs in Haiti. When we first found out about CoreLuv and the amazing, hands-on work they’re doing for orphans in Haiti, we were moved. CoreLuv’s dedication to

Master Your Domain: Your Backyard

Your home is more than just a building to store your stuff and sleep in. It’s your property: the place where you lay your head to rest each night. But home is more than just the place where you sleep or enjoy the big game. It’s your yard,

Fences Rooted In Pop Culture

Fences What do Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Meryl Streep have in common? None of them are fences. I’ve done all the research, and you can not find a picket between the three of them. Joking aside, fences have always been a part of popular culture, hanging out

Fence Fixer Uppers

How to Solve the Three Most Common Fence Problems Your fence will endure a lot during its lifetime: rain, animals, kids playing sports and exploring the neighborhood- so it’s normal for annoyances ranging from broken pickets to troublesome gates to occur. But some problems may be too severe