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Choosing Texas Fence for Your Fence Installation

Texas Fence is widely regarded as the best fence company due to our exceptional customer service, high-quality materials, and expertise in custom residential and commercial fencing. With over 20 years of experience, we prioritize customer satisfaction, offer a wide range of fencing options, and consistently deliver superior craftsmanship. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, positive customer reviews, and trusted partnerships further demonstrate our commitment to excellence. Contact us today to experience why Texas Fence stands out as the best choice for all your fencing needs.

Texas Fence

What Sets Texas Fence Apart?

When it comes to quality fencing installations, Texas Fence has established itself as one of the trusted names in the industry. But what sets them apart from the rest? For starters, they’ve been servicing Houston’s fencing needs for over 20 years, and their commitment to excellence shows.

It’s like having a chef with two decades of experience in your kitchen – you know they’ll have the expertise and precision required to prepare a delicious meal.

Another distinguishing factor is their exceptional customer service. From the initial interaction to the final product delivery, they make sure that customers remain fully informed at every stage of the process. Their team is responsive and dedicated to addressing any queries, ensuring that clients always feel valued.

Say you’ve chosen a new fence installation for your home or business, and you’re worried about potential construction disruptions. Their team will work around your schedule to minimize impact on your regular activities, keeping you updated every step of the way.

Qualities of Texas Fence

Texas Fence stands out not only for their years of experience and excellent customer service but also for their superior craftsmanship. They specialize in custom residential and commercial fencing designs using various materials such as wood, iron & aluminum, vinyl, brick and stone, hardiplank, chain-link, and Bufftech.

Suppose you’re hoping for a high-quality wood fence design that makes an architectural statement. In that case, they’ll be able to recommend options that will meet those requirements while staying within your budget.

Another quality worth mentioning is their strong partnership with 100% fast and easy financing options that require no money down or interest for up to 18 months (subject to credit approval). This ensures that everyone can afford top-of-the-line fences without breaking the bank.

Above all else, Texas Fence values communication with its customers. Each project begins with a consultation where they listen to your specific needs and preferences, explaining options available throughout the process. Whether you’re looking for a simple design or something more intricate, their team will work tirelessly to create an installation that meets your desired specifications.

Offers and Warranties

Choosing a fencing company that offers warranties and additional services can provide peace of mind. Texas Fence, for example, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and takes pride in delivering quality service. They offer 18-month, no-interest financing options and provide warranties for all their products and services. Their five-year workmanship warranty is arguably one of the best in the industry and ensures customer satisfaction.

Imagine buying a fence from Texas Fence that suddenly starts falling apart after installation. You would be covered by their five-year workmanship warranty and have the added assurance that they stand behind their products.

Texas Fence also provides additional resources on its website, including frequently asked questions and a glossary of fence terms for educational purposes. The company aims to make the fence installation process as stress-free as possible while ensuring clients receive high-quality workmanship.

Fencing Products and Services

At Texas Fence, customers enjoy a wide array of fencing products to choose from, such as wood, iron & aluminum, vinyl, brick & stone, hardiplank, chain-link, and Bufftech fences. They specialize in residential fencing, commercial fencing, and custom driveway gates suitable for both personal or corporate use.

Each type of fence installation comes with its unique set of benefits ranging from affordability to durability to security features making it an essential element when deciding which option is perfect for your property.

Texas Fence’s fence installation service includes access control solutions such as gate operators and keypads for homeowners seeking to ensure the safety of their homes while still being affordable.

Perhaps you’re interested in incorporating technology into your home security system? In that case, Texas Fence Installers offer digital solutions using various technologies like Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks alongside other unique features like fingerprint recognition to beef up your properties’ security.

Think about fencing products and services like going grocery shopping; you know what you need, but sometimes a vast selection can lead to analysis paralysis. By knowing what Texas Fence offers, you can pick and choose the products and services that work best for you.

When choosing an installer, it’s important to work with a company that provides quality service and delivers on promises.

Extensive Range of Options

At Texas Fence, customers are spoiled for choice with an extensive range of fence material options to choose from. With over two decades of experience in the business, they understand that every property has unique needs and preferences. That’s why they offer alternative fencing materials suitable for any project – such as wood fencing, vinyl fencing, HardiePlank fencing, brick and stone fencing, chain link, and iron fencing.

Texas Fence understands that choosing the right type of material is essential for the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your fence. Their team works closely with clients to find the most suitable material based on their style preferences and budget. Wood fences can offer a classic look that enhances privacy and home value. Meanwhile, stone or brick walls can add sophistication to outdoor spaces while offering unmatched durability. Metal fences are preferred for their strength and low maintenance requirements while composite materials provide resistance against weather damage.

Brick & StoneVery HighModerate
Chain LinkModerate-HighLow
IronVery HighLow

Choosing a custom fence provides homeowners with the flexibility to select various design options in terms of size, color, height, shape, and texture.

Decorative Aesthetic and Various Design Options

A fence on your property shouldn’t just be practical; it should also beautify your environment while serving its purpose. When you choose Texas Fence’s professional installation services, you’re guaranteed a beautiful fence that adds value to your property.

Whether you’d like a simple or intricate design in your fence panels or want custom gate creations to complement your structure – Texas Fence has you covered. The company offers a wide range of design options and services to give clients the best fencing solution possible for their needs.

For example, homeowners could opt for a modern look using horizontal wooden planks fences that provide privacy without obstructing visibility. Alternatively, decorative spindle designs such as wrought-iron fences provide an aesthetic appeal while ensuring the security of your property.

Moreover, their professional team of contractors installs intricate details such as arbors, pergolas, trellises, and lattice work. These charming features add both elegance and functionality to outdoor living spaces. Texas Fence’s focus on customer satisfaction ensures they will guide you through each step of the process, making sure that all your desired specifications are incorporated into the finished product.

Apart from fence installation, Texas Fence also caters to other fencing needs such as access control systems, automated gates installation for driveways or yards, and handrails installations for decks or balconies.

Professional Installation Experience

Investing in a fence for your residential or commercial property is significant, and you’ll want to ensure the installation is done right. When it comes to Texas Fence, you can rest assured that the team has an impressive level of experience, having been in the industry for two decades. Over this time, they have honed their craft and became experts on various types of fencing materials such as vinyl, wood, iron & aluminum, brick and stone, hardiplank, chain-link, and Bufftech.

What’s more impressive? Texas Fence doesn’t just offer expertise but has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment required to make your fencing project quick and efficient. Their experienced crew can tackle any project – no matter how big or small – with ease.

This level of professionalism is evident from their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and positive customer reviews. Texas Fence doesn’t just install fences but strives to build long-lasting relationships with clients by ensuring timely communication and customer satisfaction even after project completion.

Specialized Residential and Farm/Ranch Fencing

At Texas Fence, they understand that residential needs differ from agricultural or farm/ranch requirements. That’s why they specialize in both types of fencing —and execute each job with perfection.

When it comes to residential fencing installations, Texas Fence offers numerous customizable options tailored to match different budgets and architectural styles. Whether you’re looking for a modern or traditional style of fencing material like wood, vinyl or wrought iron — Texas Fence does it all. And if you’re looking for something unique? They’ve got you covered! They can create a fully customized fence design catered explicitly towards your preference.

Moving on to farm/ranch fencing—the expert team at Texas Fence understands the importance of securing areas and keeping livestock safe. Their experience isn’t limited to basic barbed wire fences— they use a combination of high-end technology and techniques to provide ranchers with diverse options. These include pipe fencing, cattle panels, game fence, horse wire mesh fences, post and rail fences, among others.

For instance, if you’re starting your farm/ranch, Texas Fence can assist in mapping out the terrain and walk with you through every step of the process from design to execution.

When it comes to picking fence materials for a farm or ranch, there’s more to consider than aesthetics. The materials themselves must be practical enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like extreme heat and heavy rains without compromising safety. At Texas Fence, they have an array of tried-and-tested materials that guarantee security and durability.

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If you are looking for a Houston fence company that provides Residential Fencing, Commercial Fencing, Access Control and focuses on superior customer service, look no further than Texas Fence

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If you are looking for a Houston fence company that provides residential or commercial fencing and focuses on superior customer service, look no further than Texas Fence

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