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Custom Driveway Gates

A beautiful driveway gate is more than just a security feature it can be a focal point or drawing point to your home or office. Designing a driveway gate is about understanding the landscape design of the property. It can also serve as a security feature of barrier for your property for those that are not welcome. Texas Fence Company, a Houston based fence company takes both of these into consideration with every driveway gate project.

At Texas Fence Company we focus on both aesthetics and function. Before starting a project we need to understand what the purpose of the gate is, how it’s going to fit into the architecture, the landscape and the design of the property.  We also keep in mind that the custom gate needs to be a secure entry point that blends into the overall architecture of the property, be that your home or office. Building any effective driveway gate comes from listening to what is important to our customers. We then work with our design team and their experience to help create the perfect solution for that to their driveway gate needs.

Secure Driveway Gates

In many cases security is our first consideration in a driveway gate project. Just like the front door to your home, you want to be inviting but provide security. Obviously no gate is 100% secure, but at Texas Fence Company we have worked hard to develop designs that provide each customer with the most secure solution in the Houston area for driveway gates.

At Texas fence company we offer several different options for driveway gates: wooden gates, wrought iron gates, chain-link gates, aluminum gates, and custom gates. Offering a wide variety of driveway gates that conform to the architecture of your home or fence project allow you to have the most flexibility with your driveway gate.

With each new driveway gate project we work with the customer to understand their security needs and design ideals for the project. Ounce we have determined the security needs the next step is to go through the ease-of-use of the gate. We offer gates with remote access, slide opening, swing opening, lift opening and even double gates when needed.

We never start working with our customer with the question, “What kind of gate do you like?”.  With over 15 years of experience building driveway gates and fences in the Houston area we have several design concepts that help customers determine what is the best driveway gate solution for their home or business. This is normally a great starting point for every customer.

During the consultation process, we help each customer determine what is the exact design and functionality needs are for their gate. As we develop the design that is best for you and your property we focus on the overall architecture of your home or property and security needs.

Contact Texas fence company today, he’s too and they spent an driveway gate construction and installation company for your driveway gate needs.

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If you are looking for a Houston fence company that provides residential or commercial fencing and focuses on superior customer service, look no further than Texas Fence

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