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In many neighborhoods in the Houston area you will see ornamental iron fences or sometimes wrought iron fences installed to increase the curb appeal of a home. A wrought iron fence can be a beautiful addition to any property be it a business or home.

The key to installing a wrought iron fence is to understand the design of the architecture and the landscape of the property. By installing iron fence visitors can see through the fence but yet it still offers safety and security.

A properly constructed and installed wrought iron fence can last in the Houston climate. It is important to understand as a consumer, homeowner, or business owner what you are getting when you purchase a wrought iron fence.

Wrought iron fences in the Houston area that were installed 30 years ago or made of solid iron. The iron was fabricated welded and painted to stand up to the weather. Due to changes in manufacturing rarely today are wrought iron fences solid iron. In most cases they are ornamental metal fences that are painted our powder coated.

Texas fence company, a Houston-based fence company only installs powder coated metal fencing. By powder coating each of our fencing installations we ensure that we are able to seal in the metal and prevent rusting in the future. There is no one hundred percent guarantee that a metal fence will not rust over time, but a powder coated fence over a metal fence gives the fence owner the best chance for the fence to keep its original condition.

Here are some key elements to keep in mind when looking for an ornamental metal fence.


You will feel secure because you can prevent mishaps and accidents from happening by installing an ornamental metal or iron pants in your backyard. These types of fences are great to put around pools and other areas that you were looking to keep young children or pets from around the neighborhood out.


Ornamental iron fences are mostly made of galvanized powder coated steel or possibly stainless steel. This makes your fences durable and even in most cases prevents rust from forming. This is very helpful especially if you plan to install a fence around your pool or in other areas that will be exposed to water or and/or sprinkler systems.

Low maintenance

Ornamental iron fences are extremely low in ongoing maintenance. In most cases and what the middle iron fence will not need to be retreated a powder coated during the life of the fence if it is properly manufactured and installed.

Custom designs

Texas parents company offers almost countless custom designs for ornamental iron fence projects. We will custom design and manufacture ornamental iron fence to meet your needs. We are able to make send custom gates, masonry pillars, or any other custom needs to match the architecture and landscape of your property.

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