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Texas Fence’s Trip to Haiti with CoreLuv

CoreLuv is a nonprofit organization that builds orphanages and creates community outreach and medical programs in Haiti. When we first found out about CoreLuv and the amazing, hands-on work they’re doing for orphans in Haiti, we were moved. CoreLuv’s dedication to finding passionate, skilled individuals to work directly with those that needed love and care inspired us to get involved. They took us to Haiti with them, and opened our eyes to real problems and solutions. CoreLuv International is doing tremendous work, and we are honored that they invited us out to help.

Myan, Haiti

CoreLuv International’s goal is to make a lasting impact in the lives of orphans by providing six essential needs: Clean Water, Proper Food, Healthcare, Education, Job Skills, and a Loving Home. CoreLuv’s first orphanage in Myan, Haiti was completed in 2013, and meets all their guidelines for success and more. In a country where many don’t have the basics we take for granted such as electricity, and running water, the orphanage has clean water on site and generators to provide electricity. If that weren’t enough to make the children feel at home, every dormitory room houses 6 bunk beds, 5 for the children and one for a nanny who provides maternal love and support. The on-site classroom teaches the orphanage’s 60 children, and 170 others from the neighboring town, reading, writing, math, and even English.

But CoreLuv doesn’t stop helping the community with the 170 children from the village. They have a clinic on site which provides care for the whole community. They enrich the local economy by using labor and resources from the community. They understand that in order for the children they’re helping to have a chance, the community they’re a part of needs to be given a chance as well.

A Calling for Unique Skills and Care

One of CoreLuv’s greatest strengths is their wide-ranging group of volunteers. Everyone called to help has a unique vision or knowledge that can contribute to their visit. One volunteer raised money to paint and decorate the boys and girls dormitories. She purchased matching sheets, and pillowcases for them, and painted each room a different theme ranging from the race car room to the princess room. No matter your area of expertise, you can make a positive impact in the life of these kids and their community.

After some discussion with CoreLuv, it was decided that our talents would be best used to, you guessed it, build fencing around the orphanage. CoreLuv brought over 700 people to Haiti this past summer, and we sent 5 of our employees with one of the groups. It didn’t take long for us to realize how vital this volunteer work really is.

Changing Lives, Theirs and Ours

The first thing we noticed upon our arrival is how happy the children in the orphanage are. For them, having their daily needs met and being accepted into a stable, loving community is more than they’ve ever had. Before we got to work, we decided to have some fun. We brought a wireless photo printer and props to set up a photo booth for the kids. They had a blast dressing up and goofing off, making silly faces and poses for the camera. We gave each of them a picture of themselves to keep in their room, a rare keepsake in Haiti.

Once the fun was done, it was time to do the work we were sent to do. Keeping in line with CoreLuv’s ethics, we purchased tools and fencing supplies, and hired workers from the local village to support their local economy. Following CoreLuv’s vision meant we were able to teach local workers valuable job skills for their neighbors and families. The first thing we had to do was dig holes for the fence posts. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong! We had never seen such hard dirt in our lives. We were breaking a sweat just thinking about it. Luckily, the workers we hired were some of the hardest working individuals we had ever seen. They took their machetes and hacked at the ground until the holes were dug. We felt blessed for the Texas soil we left at home while watching the determination and focus these men put forth.

With our holes dug, it was time to build this fence! We mixed up our concrete to fill in the holes and mount our posts. We created little tags with inspirational words, in English and Haitian Creole, to place along the chain link.

We thought it would be a nice message to leave behind for the kids, but it turns out they left the biggest impression on us in the end. One night, as the concrete around a post was drying, an unknown child placed his hand into the concrete. It’s a fitting image to conclude our trip. Not only did the children leave a permanent mark in their fence, they left a permanent mark in our lives.

We plan on going to back to Haiti soon and taking more of our employees with us. To find out how you can help, financially or otherwise, contact CoreLuv International and get involved. Take a trip with them and see how powerful the work they’re doing is. No matter what your contribution is, you can make a difference in your own unique way.

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