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Master Your Domain: Your Backyard

Your home is more than just a building to store your stuff and sleep in. It’s your property: the place where you lay your head to rest each night.

But home is more than just the place where you sleep or enjoy the big game. It’s your yard, too. Sure you can paint the walls of your house or get new counter tops, but most of your house is  already built. You’re working around the walls, ceilings, and vision of home developers and architects. Yards are the great equalizer: an open canvas where your hammocks, grills, gardens, and outdoor furniture can be placed as you see fit and moved whenever the mood strikes you. The yard is your true domain, where you are groundskeeper, decorator, and host- and your fence is the cornerstone that brings your yard together, physically and visually.

Here’s how you can master our yard and make it your own.


Decorate With Your Mood

Your domain is a place to feel comfortable and in control. When you’re in control of a space, it’s time to mark your territory… by decorating! Want an outdoor kitchen with an imported Italian pizza oven? Done. Custom built outdoor stage to bring your still-life garden gnome dioramas to life? Questionable, but hey, it’s your yard.

Pro-tip: You may have spent hours matching your flowers to your patio furniture and lawn ornaments, but have you thought about staining your fence to match your yard’s overall aesthetic? It’s a small tweak that can add a new dimension and depth to your design choices.


Invest in the Future… of your Yard

Want a garden to grow fresh vegetables to throw on the grill? A pool for exercise or relaxing about in the summer sun? Hammocks for lazy Sunday naps in the spring and fall? If you want it, and you truly are master of your domain, you are going to have it.

Not only do these larger scale projects reflect your pride in your domain, but they also add to your personal and financial investment in it as well. They signify that you’re willing to stay for a while, no need to rush. When you do get the itch to move, your investment will pay off. Attractive outdoor additions and features lead to better resale value.

With any large project such as a pool, gazebo, or outdoor kitchen you’ll want a strong fence to protect it as well. Lucky for you and your domain, a new fence can raise your property value, too.


Entertain Your Guests

All dignitaries of their driveways know that social functions are essential for a mastered domain. When your yard looks like a dream come true to you, you’ll naturally want to invite friends and family over to bask in its glory! You worked hard on it and parties and barbecues are your chance to show it off.

Again, the personal touches are where your mastery truly shines. Perhaps you have a special, secret appetizer your guests ask about before the grill is even fired up? Maybe you concoct a signature crisp, cool cantaloupe cocktail that delights and relieves your friends in the hot, humid summer? When you are master of your domain, there is a reason your guests specifically flock to your backyard get-togethers: because your get-togethers are awesome. When your guests feel welcome, taken care of, and can’t eat another bite, you know you’re doing something right.

At Texas Fence, we feel we’ve mastered our domain; after all, we’ve been in business for just about 15 years and we have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. We want to pay it forward by helping you master your domain this fall, because a mastered domain is a gift that keeps on giving through lazy spring Sundays, sizzling summer barbecues, and warm winter bonfires.  That’s why right now, you can get a free gate with any purchase of 100 feet or more of fence.


Contact us to find out more about this special, and stay tuned for future tips and deals on our blog and website.

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