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Upgrade Your Home Fence – 3 Reasons Why

Upgrade Your Home Fence

On the Fence about your fence? 

One of the easiest things to take for granted as a property owner is the very thing that provides peace of mind – a fence. A fence provides a serene, secluded area for family and friends to enjoy. Outdoor play, gardening, and summertime barbeques are enhanced by this important (but often forgotten) outdoor necessity. It’s only when safety, privacy, and aesthetics are compromised that homeowners realize how valuable a good fence is. If you are questioning what to do to upgrade your home fence, here are three immediate reasons to consider an upgrade.  


Your Fence Factors Into the Value of Your Home

The type or condition of your fence can make your home more or less marketable. Selling a home is all about tapping into the emotions of potential buyers. An attractive fence serves as a picture frame for a beautiful yard filled with safe outdoor activities and private family gatherings. But a run-down fence with falling panels or rusty patches can easily turn away buyers in search of a home that requires less work.

On the other hand, a new or well-maintained residential fence could be a deal maker for a buyer with children, pets, or future plans for a pool. It may also increase the number of people interested in purchasing your home. 

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A Fence Keeps Your Garden, Family, and Pets Safe

Can your child sneak out of fence openings? And what about that stealthy neighborhood dog that loves to creep into your backyard and leave their mess behind?

Fences keep the things you love safe from harm. You want to be assured that your kids and pets are secured in the comfort of an enclosed yard. Fences provide an added safety measure against stray animals or kids running into the street. At nighttime, fences provide privacy and refuge when families are settling down; they are the first layer of defense against trespassers and onlookers.

Fences also protect people and animals outside your home. If you have a pool, it is imperative to have a reliable fence; drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of five. As a responsible parent and neighbor, you want to ensure you are doing everything you can to safeguard your property from harm. If there is even a slight chance that a child can get through your fence, you should make it more secure.

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Lead By Example

If your home is surrounded by a dilapidated graveyard of wood, it is obvious that it is time to upgrade your fence. But you don’t need your fence to fall apart to justify an upgrade. More and more, people look for a fence upgrade to set a standard in their neighborhood. Picture your subdivision surrounded by a brick or stone wall; now imagine the protection and beauty an iron driveway gate would add to your home and neighborhood. Details, such as high quality fences and gates, increase your neighborhood’s value both financially and emotionally.

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